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When we decided to switch to a new website format, our mission was to preserve all of the content from our old site. Since the two systems were incompatible, we made the decision to create this news archive of all the old stories from the website. The news stories contained in this archive go all the way back to March 2010 and represents over 9 years of content.


PHS Juniors selected to represent PHS at Hoosier Girls State

PHS Juniors selected to Attend Hoosier Girls State 2019   Three Plymouth High School juniors, along with an alternative student have been selected to represent Plymouth High School at this year’s American Legion Auxiliary Hoosier Girls State. Hoosier Girls State will take place at Trine University in Angola on June 23-29. The delegates for this year’s Hoosier Girls State are Fernanda Cortes, Kelsey Kruyer, Alexa Orozco, and the alternate student, Mary Kate Flynn. The local Plymouth American Legion Auxiliary is covering the cost for PHS Hoosier Girls State delegates to attend Hoosier Girls State. Attending Hoosier Girls State allows young women not only to learn but experience how Indiana government operates. Students will be able to apply and increase their knowledge of state and local government with hundreds of top female students from the state of Indiana. Past delegates have reported their week at Girls State to be a life-changing experience that has taught them to be more aware of their role as United States citizens. PHS counselor Stacy Scheetz said, “It is an honor to be selected as a delegate for Hoosier Girls State. PHS is very proud of all four juniors who chosen as delegates not only for their academic accomplishments but for their involvement in extracurricular activities at school and the community.” Many colleges give special consideration for admission and scholarships to former delegates of Hoosier Girls State. Delegates must be a junior in high school and have a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher. Students must demonstrate leadership abilities, be honest, and possess good character. If selected, delegates must agree to stay for the entire week, barring any emergencies. All four PHS students were selected for this honor by a team comprised of PHS administrators and guidance department personnel. The Plymouth High School administration congratulates all four students for being selected as this year’s PHS Hoosier Girls State representatives.     by PHS junior Jairo Gonzalez

2019-04-30 21:10:38

Plymouth School Board Schedules Executive Session to Interview Candidates for Open Seat

Plymouth Community SchoolsThe Plymouth School Board has scheduled two special meetings to interview potential candidates to fill the vacancy on the board. The vacancy comes after the resignation of former board vice-president Larry Holloway. Holloway’s resignation was effective as of mid-April. Since his term would not have expired until December 31, 2020, the person appointed by the other board members will hold the position until the 2020 date. Interview meetings are set for May 2 and May 6. An executive session is planned following the May 6 interviews. The special meetings will start at 6:00 P.M. and the executive meeting will begin following the special meeting and is tentatively scheduled for 8:00 P.M. There are nine candidates vying for the open seat. The names of those being interviewed are not released to the public. According to Superintendent Andy Hartley, the official appointment will be made at theMay Board meeting.

2019-04-30 21:08:42

Reinholt Arrested on Warrant, Possession of Cocaine & Paraphernalia

MugShot_steven reinholtFriday evening Marshall County Police arrested 38 year old Steven M Reinholt of Knox.  Reinholt was stopped on US 6 for improper taillights by Officer Wozniak just before 9 p.m.  During the investigation it was learned he had an active warrant through Marshall County for Failure to Appear.   Steven Reinholt was also charged with Possession of Cocaine and Possession of Paraphernalia.     Listeners and readers are reminded that charging information supported by an affidavit of probable cause is merely an allegation that a crime has been committed and that there is only probable cause to believe a crime has been committed. They are presumed innocent throughout the proceedings and are entitled to be represented by counsel and entitled to a trial by jury at which the State is obligated to provide proof beyond a reasonable doubt before a judgment of guilt may be made.

2019-04-30 21:01:30


Measles vaccineState Health Commissioner Kris Box, Tuesday issued a statewide standing order to make it easier for Indiana adults to get vaccinated against measles, a highly infectious disease that has sickened more than 700 people in 22 states this year, including one person in Indiana. The standing order means that adults do not need to see their healthcare provider for a prescription and can obtain the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine from any pharmacy that carries it. Pharmacies and healthcare providers have been notified about the standing order. Hoosiers choosing to seek a vaccine using this order should contact the pharmacy to ensure vaccine is available and inform the pharmacist that they will be using the state health commissioner’s standing order. Vaccine costs will be billed to insurance. “Vaccination is the best way to prevent the spread of this highly contagious disease, and we want to remove any barriers that may prevent Hoosiers from being protected during this nationwide outbreak,” Dr. Box said. “Even one case of a disease that had largely disappeared is too many, and our hope is that this proactive step will help prevent additional cases in Indiana.” According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the MMR vaccine is safe and 97 percent effective at preventing measles after the second dose. The CDC recommends two doses of MMR vaccine for children, the first at age 12 to 15 months and the second between 4 and 6 years. Many Indiana adults may not be aware of their vaccination status or may have received a single dose of inactive virus, which does not provide the full protection. These individuals are encouraged to ask their healthcare provider about receiving a dose of MMR. Measles is caused by a virus and spreads through the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. It can remain in the air for two hours after an infected person leaves an area. The illness typically begins with cold-like symptoms, such as a low fever, cough, runny nose and conjunctivitis, or pink eye. Then a rash of blotchy red spots breaks out starting at the head and spreading to the rest of the body. Measles can be serious, and there is no treatment or cure. Some children may have very mild symptoms, but others may face more serious complications, including pneumonia and encephalitis. Nationally, the number of measles cases reported is the highest in the U.S. since 1994. Measles was declared eliminated in the U.S. in 2000, but it is still common in many other countries with lower vaccination rates. The CDC says 9 out of 10 unvaccinated people will contract measles if exposed to the virus. Anyone born before 1957 is considered immune to measles because almost all individuals born prior to that year likely had measles. All family members should be up-to-date on MMR vaccine, especially before international travel. Healthcare providers can help determine if more vaccine doses are needed before traveling.

2019-04-30 21:00:45

Hardesty Arrested for Domestic Battery and Disorderly Conduct by Plymouth Police

arrested_handcuffsA 911 call Sunday morning about 3:30 sent Plymouth Police to 212 Charles Street for a domestic battery complaint.  Officer Wally Derifield investigated the complaint and arrested 44 year old Glenn Hardesty of the Charles Street address.  Hardesty was arrested for Domestic Battery in the presence of a child and Disorderly Conduct.   He was held in the Marshall County Jail on a $1,500 cash bond.    Listeners and readers are reminded that charging information supported by an affidavit of probable cause is merely an allegation that a crime has been committed and that there is only probable cause to believe a crime has been committed. They are presumed innocent throughout the proceedings and are entitled to be represented by counsel and entitled to a trial by jury at which the State is obligated to provide proof beyond a reasonable doubt before a judgment of guilt may be made.

2019-04-30 20:58:43

A Flash Flood Advisory in effect until 10:45pm EDT tonight for Marshall Co. Flood Watch in effect until tomorrow.

Flash flood advisoryThe National Weather Service in Northern Indiana has issued a

* Flash Flood Advisory for Minor Flooding in Poor Drainage Areas for...
Marshall County in north central Indiana...
* Until 1045 PM EDT/945 PM CDT/. tonight.
Approximately 1. 5 up to 3 in. of rain has already fallen in some areas.
The potential exists for 1 to 2 inches of rain tonight into early Wednesday with localized amounts in excess of 2 inches. This heavy rainfall combined with saturated soils from recent rainfall will produce a potential of flooding and flash flooding tonight through Wednesday morning. 


If you live in an area that is prone to flooding during heavy rain, be prepared to move to higher ground. Never drive through flood waters. And be vigilant while driving at night when water flowing across roads is harder to see. Heavy rain fall is causing some issues with water flowing across some county roads. Due to the potential for hazardous driving conditions, an “Advisory” Level Travel Advisory has been implemented.  An “Advisory” Level is the lowest level of travel restriction and simply means that routine travel or activities may be restricted in areas because of a hazardous situation and individuals should use caution or avoid those areas.

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