PHS Students Set Record Numbers Participating in Ivy Tech Commencement Friday

On Friday, May 10, 37 Plymouth High School seniors put on their red graduation caps and gowns and walked with hundreds of students in the Ivy Tech Community College commencement ceremony at the Purcell Pavilion on the campus of the University of Notre Dame.

Thirty-seven PHS students qualified to earn the Statewide Transfer General Education Core, (STGEC) certificate pending successful completion of their spring courses. 14 Health Careers students received a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certificate.

Jennifer Felke, the Director of Weidner School of Inquiry @ Plymouth High School, who is also the CTE and Dual Credit Director at PHS said, “PHS is thrilled to have our largest group of seniors who have qualified to earn the Ivy Tech certificate. This group represents not only the students’ dedication and persistence in college coursework but also the commitment of the PHS guidance team to create a 4-year plan directed at these students’ academic goals. Research has shown that students who successfully complete dual credit courses in high school are more likely to persist in their post-secondary educational endeavors.”

The STGEC certificate represents a minimum of 30 college credits across six different competencies. Felke said, “I want to give a special thank you to our AP, ACP, and Ivy Tech dual credit teachers who make this opportunity a possibility for so many of our students. I would also like to give a shout out to members of the counseling team who work diligently to guide students into the classes necessary to earn these certificates.” Ivy Tech puts the value on the STGEC certificate of upward of $25,000.

This is the third consecutive year Plymouth High School has partnered with Ivy Tech to offer PHS students the possibility of earning a STGEC certificate. Last year, 8 Plymouth High School students completed the requirements and were able to attend Ivy Tech’s commencement ceremony. In 2017, 13 PHS students earned STGEC certificates.

The following 37 Plymouth High School seniors have earned the Ivy Tech STGEC Certificate this year: Jada Anglin, Tyler Bare, Josie Edwards, Jackson Lee, Bridget Schafer, Annalise Barden, Mercedes Bastardo, Rachel Bockman, Mickaela Bush, Bryce Carmichael, Makena Carmichael, Kaitlyn Carothers, Nathaniel Celmer, Holly DeSalle, Leslie Dorantes, Cole Filson, Jessica Gallardo, Edgar Cuatlatl Garcia, Jack Garner, Cassidy Holiday, Soren Houin, Kobe Johnson, Nicole Keller, Megan Kersey, Amanda McFarland, Elizabeth Mendez, Jacob Moreno, Kelsey Owen, Laura Payne, Kaitlyn Renneker, Celia Robinson, Mitchell Rose, Daniel Stauffer, Morgan Stevens, Lillian Wallace, Luke Walters and Chapman Yoder.

The following 14 seniors have earned the Ivy Tech CNA Certificate:  Kimberly Baca, Destiny Centeno, *Reese Gallup, Isabel Huizar, Citlalli Jurado, Brittney Klotz, Elizabeth Mendez, *Alison Overmyer, Tess Petzke, Halle Reichard, *Aubrey Shafer, Jennifer Sommers, *Aubrey Stacy, and *Amber Wells.

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